Artist Statement

Current Work

Melanie's artwork expresses a unique viewpoint on the way she perceives ideas, subjects, objects and people. Her main objective is to find ways to evoke an evolving emotional connection between her artwork and the viewer. Using symbolism, and always considering the human response, Melanie creates glass art that is intended to form a connection between people and their memories, history and experience.

Art & Glass

Melanie found her artistic passion, while learning the fundamentals of stained glass window construction, with the guidance and expertise of Vicky Beverstien. Now, in her small backyard studio, Melanie designs and creates original stained glass sculptures, panels and windows. With an aim to create unique and contemporary art, the themes in her work, whether simplistic or complex, intend to create a talking point or to offer a place for reflection. 

Education & Teaching

Melanie graduated from the University of Waterloo with a combined B.A. in English Literature and Fine and Performing Arts and has completed her B.Ed., with a specialization in Fine Art, through Western University. She continued her studies in Art History through Athabasca and received her Fine Arts Specialist Designation from Queen's University. She currently teaches art at College Heights Secondary School in Guelph, ON., where she has taught since 2008.

Previous to teaching locally, Melanie taught in South Korea and England. 

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